• Batteries

    Battery is one of the most important part of your vehicle. It allows you to listen to music, turn on the lights and other things, that needs electricity power. Accumulators are energy saving devices, but eventualy, their power decreases. For that reason, batteries are supposed to be changed to new ones in 2 - 5 year time. We can offer you batteries not only for trucks, but also your cars. 

  • Cables and jacks

    These cables are ment to provide electricity to the truck and spread it to all the parts that require electricity. They are manufactured from high quality materials, which guarantee their flexibility and streching.

  • Coffee machines and...

    12 and 24V water boiling kettles, coffee machines and microwaves is all that you need in your truck. It is very important to have hot meals and drinks during your travel, not only for comfort, but also for your health.

  • Bulbs

    Light bulbs for cars and trucs 12 and 24V. We can offer you wide range of bulbs: halogen bulbs, turn signal bulbs, back lamp bulbs, anti fog and other. Also you can find a large selection of LED light bulbs.

  • Communication systems

    Portable radio systems is one of the best items for a truck driver to have. The biggest CB radio advantage is that it doesnt need to be linked to any other connecting network. This way portable radio stays on even when your mobile and other devices are out of reach. If you decide to buy a radio, you will also need an antenna. It can be longer, shorter, drilled in or magnetic - depending on your needs.
    Another important item is back view cameras. Not only that they can help you while parking yourtruck, but you can feel more secure while have your breaks.

  • Autonomic conditioners

    Comfort is very important for truck drivers, it is proven that it affects their working efficiency. Heat ccan cause a lot of damage to the human body, that's why air conditioners are one of the most necessary devices on the road. Autonomic water conditioners for trucks are one of our best selling product, which is approved by many drivers all around the world. It is not only more efficient, but it is also very easy to use. One of the most popular myth about water air conditioners is, that they collect damp inside the cabin. But we have a long experience working with these products, so we can asure, that it is only a myth.

  • Sound horns

    Sound horns are a necessity for all vehicles. not only that it might help you avoid accidents in the road, but also it could be a very nice accessory for your truck. You can choose from a wide variaty or air horns and electric horns in our shop for trucks (24V) and cars (12V).

  • Heating systems

    Automotive heater is one of the most efficient and economical device for those drivers, who would like to keep teir cabin warm at any time. It is independent from the battery, thats why drivers might usie it with engine running and when it is put out. We can offer you SNUGGER and VOLCANO air heaters. Volcano air heater is WEBASTO analog, that's why all spare parts might be used in VOLCANO air heater.

  • Fans

    Automotive fans are an economical and effective way to reduce heat, if you do not want to waist energy with air conditioning. They do not require a lot of energy, so it is the very best alternative for drivers. It is possible to order 12 and 24V.

  • Automotive refrigerators
  • Power inverters
  • Saulės baterijos
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