• Back door security

    Back door, fridge lock for trucks. Best way to keep your goods secure at all times. Made of stainless steel, with a set of keys.

  • Bumper

    Bumpers for semitrucks. Rubber bumpers are ment to secure your truck from any collision while going backwards. Metal bumpers are ment to hold your back lamps. Thats why both of them are very important for every truck driver.

  • Fuel tanks

    Fuel tanks for all truck models. Made as the original.

  • Snow chains

    Snw chains for truck tires. Our snow X type snow chains as a certificate for Austria. Drivers who travel to different countries can choose D type snow chains. They provide good traction. Intuitional instalation .

  • Fuel tank security

    Fuel tank locks, built-in tank security and additional tank top security. To avoid fuel theft, we offer truck drivers to secure teir fuel tanks with all sorts of security. Built in tank security is one of the best security measure as the thief can not lower the fuel hse to the  bottom of the tank.

  • Signs
  • Truck Windshield Wiper...
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